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For the fans, Kim Jongin performed with medicine patches. For the fans, Kim Minseok performed with leg injuries. For the fans, Zhang Yixing, rehearsed despite his waist injury acting up. For the fans, Huang Zitao bent down to pick up presents from fans. For the fans, Do Kyungsoo sprawled on the floor to receive the presents from fans. For the fans, Park Chanyeol had to smile everywhere, everytime. For the fans, Oh Sehun writes in Chinese at the airport. For the fans, Wu Yifan bought a luggage to store the fan gifts. For the fans, Kim Jongdae is working hard to learn Chinese. For the fans, Kim Junmyeon works hard with little people knowing about his leg injury. For the fans, Byun Baekhyun wanted to continue to perform even after fireworks got into his eyes. For the fans, Luhan had to tolerate the pushing and shoving again and again. Kai, you are one of the top four dancing machines in SM, an 18 year old who had to live on painkillers. But painkillers ain’t good for the body. He can’t just keep eating them. People often forget that he is a ‘94 liner when they see him on stage. He is only three months older than Sehun. As much as we would like to see hd fantaken pictures, we don’t want to see them hurt. How much have they done for you? Ask your conscience, how much have you repaid?


Message from OurKai fansite

full trans:

trans: @exonyeoshidae
source: ourkai

i find it funny that kris brings a luggage to store fans’ gift but it’s really touching…the things they do for their fans :’)

but nonetheless, i really hope they can take good care of themselves.their career won’t last them forever but their body must :\

and fans, please respect them AND DON’T hurt them. you’re supposed to PROTECT them not the opposite D:

i’m sorry joonmyun dear but i didn’t know about your leg injury :( 

121231 EXO-M talk session at Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve Concert

credits to: SMent. EXO

When Tao spoke:
Brother: “He’s from China right? Typical mainland Chinese face.” 
Me: “Yeah. So? What about the guy on the most left (Kris)? Does he look Chinese?”
Brother: “…no…”
Kris looks so good and he doesn’t have the typical mainland chinese face…!!! really proud and loving him more and more :3 (not that i hate mainland chinese don’t be mistaken) sigh…my mind keeps emphasizing how Kris looks like 2D anime character come to live >w< 

Their “大家好,我们是EXO-M”  I can only hear like Tao and a little Lay HAHAH
Kris was panting through his speech. The dance must have taken up a lot of energy…but dear, you don’t even move that much =.=

Since I had nothing to do, here’s a brief translation of the talk session~ :)

MC 1: Thank you EXO-M. Come in front, please.

MC 2: I would like to ask…everyone, say it honestly, are they handsome or not?

Fans: Handsome!!!

MC: Come come come, let’s move in front a little.

MC 2: I really hate to be a kill-joy in this situation but you guys are really too handsome.

MC 1: Let’s have a clearer view of them.

MC 2: Also, everyone, do you know Tao who is beside me, besides being a top martial artist (武林高手), he is also a top dance artist(舞林高手)*. He knows kungfu.

Tao: Yes.

MC 2: Then show to us yes?

Tao: Erm, please…oh…all along I have only been doing 1 somersault. Because today is New Year, so I will do 2 continuous, stationary somersault for you guys.

MC 2: Gosh! All the best Tao. Everyone, move back a little. The top martial artist’s internal energy will harm us.

After the somersault…

MC 2: Hey, let me tell you guys something, I have known many people that knows martial arts but one that can still pose so handsomely after 2 somersaults, he’s still the first.

MC 1: Just now, Tao has said, the 2 somersaults is for everyone, Come, say happy new year. I feel that you should officially greet all your fans all around the world through Jiangsu tv.

Kris: Ok. 1,2,3, We are one!

EXOM: Hello everybody, we are EXO-M!

Kris: Hi everyone, I’m EXO-M’s leader, Kris. Ahh… (I’m) really glad and honoured that we could come to Nanjing…I guess you can consider it half my hometown. Being able to spend new year ________ (something I couldn’t catch), I’m really elated. Furthermore, I would like to specially thank Jiangsu TV giving us this opportunity. Because we actually debuted for less than 1 year, being able to get this chance (to perform at JSTV) is really rare. Also, lastly, I would like to wish everyone good health and all the best** in 2013, the year of the snake. Also, (we) wish that you will anticipate our next album (and) our activities. We will continue to work hard. Thank you! I love you!

MC 1: Thank you EXO-M. But, everyone, you don’t just get to see these handsome boys at JSTV, they have a special gift to give you guys. It has never been seen before…and that is the exclusive photos from the boys private (waiting) room!

VCR of EXO-M’s photos.

I’ll stop translating here since the boys didn’t say anything more after this in the vid :)

*I’m guessing this is what it means since 武 and    have the same pronunciation in mandarin ( in the 1st one means martial art while  in the 2nd one means dance.)  

**  what Kris said is 万事如意, and it literally means having everything your way

I just briefly translated it so if there are any errors, feel free to edit it. Don’t need to credit me if you ever use the trans. My com doesn’t have the software to put texts into video so I can’t actually sub the video :\

121231 EXO-M “Two moon+ History ” @ Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve

credits to: OnlySN

Tao: Yo wassup Kris!
Kris: How are you feeling lady (?) (can’t make heads or tails out of what this guy is saying…)

Kris: Give it up for EXOOO
Tao: Now put your hands up~!! (Tao bb’s English is getting better lol) 

And they did the English start to Two Moons!!!! Lulu was singing to it :)
Kris sliding towards Tao when Tao sat down then Tao flicked Kris’ chest  SLIDFIASHHDLALFHG FUCK YOU TAORIS 

And Kris did Key’s part ;A; /sobbing/ Need I even start on LayHan >w< Their dancing together killed me and the Luhan had to go lift up his shirt. Is this a way to prove that you’re manly my dear?? Loved it so :D Yixing-ah, you should do that some time too. Hell all of EXO should do that some time HAHA

Then we have poor Chen running to pass the mic Kris handed him to the workers. Kris why you bully Chenchen ._. and rolling mics backstage is the new trend Tao is trying to start haha

Love the 6 of you and wishing you guys all the best in 2013 :D

[Full HD] 121229 EXO - MAMA

credits to: krisbrows04

FASLKHGAWHGSDHSAKDLHFL  THEY DID IT LIVE!! AND IT’S WELL DONE :)))))) GOOD JOB BBs <3 though they seem more stiff in the performance than usual, especially K……..

WU YIFAN KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DID THE SCREAMING PART WITH KAI!!!! IN KOREAN!!!!!!!!! AND YOU CAN HEAR HIM SO CLEARLY BECAUSE OF HIS DEEP DEEP VOICE ;A; AND HE LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T   T^T  and Joonmyun darling, that shirt and jacket is obviously too small for you :|

BUT WHY is EXO’s performance is less than 3mins???? WAE?!?!?! why you go cut out the entire stanza 2 T_T And they hardly perform together too :’( Chen, Xiumin, Lay, Luhan, Tao (ie all of M except Kris) didn’t even get ONE F-ing line :( Sehun had 2 words: Turnback (but he did it so sexily kekeke)

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